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Residential Painting in Boulder Has Deterrents

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Painting a Residence in Boulder has it’s Deterrents

Always great hearing from a previous painting customer, when another type of house painting is needed. We completed painting and staining a home in Boulder Colorado several years ago for a Doctor who lives in Boulder. Doctor who I will refer to as Steve, has a Cedar home, where we cleaned Cedar siding, and applied a semi-transparent oil stain. Steve called me back last week, asking if we did interior painting repairs, and siding board replacement, which I put him at ease, not needing to looking anywhere else. Taking care of jobs large or small, always glad to hear from our previous customers later down the road. Fortunate having this various home improvement knowledge, because it is always a great feeling

Painting Home in Boulder


House Colors, Interior Paint Colors, Exterior Paint Colors

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

House Colors

House Colors adds variety to home’s interior, exterior, paint schemes for walls and ceilings. House colors gives way for, ideas, schemes, paint tips which decorate, accent, highlight, compel, charm, soothe, match, contrast every home, for a more professional decorating look. House paint colors all have a wide variety of

House Colors


Denver Painters, Going Green, Painting Homes

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Denver Painters, Painting Homes Using,

Green Earth Friendly, Paint and Materials

Denver painters, painting homes using, Green Earth Friendly, sustainable paints and materials even more today, than since it’s inception back in 1999-2000. This is Great News, Thanks to many Denver painters and painting contractors getting the word, as well as local paint stores, informing the public of the advantages of Going Green when painting homes across Colorado. What used to be a trademark of a typical



Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

7 Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint

Seven Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint, with today’s newer technology in interior house painting, from one of Denver’s Leading painting contractors, Eco Paint Inc. Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint benefiting more groups of customers than ever before. As latex Acrylic paints introduced by major paint manufactures in the late 1960′s, giving the house painting process much ease and uniformity for interior walls and ceilings, using flat and semi-gloss paint finishes or paint sheen. Conventional interior paints are a thing of the past, with the newest interior paints now on the market. By 1999-2000, most major paint manufactures including Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin-Moore was the first to introduce the same latex Acrylic paints without harmful ammonia and formaldehyde additives formulated into the chemical make-up of those particular paints. Below are the obvious reasons why to use these newer formulated interior paints, than the older conventional ones mentioned, from the most experienced Green Earth Friendly house painters around.

Denver House Painters | Denver Painters for Colorado

Denver House Painters | Eco Paint, Inc. Employing the finest Denver painters for Colorado, painting contractor, Eco Paint Welcomes You! Thank you stopping by, honored assisting with your next interior painting or


Residential Painting

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Residential Painting for Denver and Colorado

Residential Painting Services for Denver and Colorado, using the most economical and ecological means painting your home or office. Complete house painting services for all residential interiors and exteriors across Denver Front Range and Colorful Colorado. Eco Paint, Inc. Welcomes You! Painting just a room or walls to an entire interior, Eco Paint can provide just that. Needing trim or siding replaced due to Colorado’s harsh climate, Eco Paint specializes in complete exterior paint protection. Adding beauty, value, and up to date paint color decoration is your best and most economical home improvement choice. Our residential painting services include a vast experience with drywall, popcorn and wallpaper removals, textures and repairs, deck finishes, siding repairs and replacements, as well as Lead Paint Abatement for Colorado. Looking to have your residence painted? You’ve come to the Right Place!

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