Saving Your Deck Finish

Saving Your Deck Finish

As winter quickly approaches, one area that gets overlooked is the back deck. The most valuable time spent shoveling snow is off the deck surfaces.

If deck has solid body deck stain, this will typically lift up and crack much quicker if snow is left on surfaces to naturally melt over days or weeks, being in shade or not.

If deck has semi-transparent stains, the finish will not lift and crack, however will diminish the stains protection, needing to re-stain much quicker.

Normally, a quality deck stain such as Behr, Cabots, Superdeck, Deckscapes , or Sikkens will last between 2 to 3 years depending on foot traffic.

However, with normal snowfalls in Denver and the Front Range of Colorado, not sweeping snow off deck surfaces will result cutting life-expectancy in half for which ever product used. Taking a large shop broom, a 2' foot of snow can be easily swept off deck, much easier than snow blowing driveway, having a Translucent Deck Stain by Sikkens. This stain offers a high build hard slick finish, which makes re-coating much easier, using far less product on secondary applications.

Below, is a Deck that needs to be swept off after recent snowfall. Deck Stain is a Sikken's Cetol 1 & 23 product in Mahogany color. Deck has had 3 applications, 2 coats each, which is undoubtedly the Best Deck Stain on the market, making the wood bullet-proof using this product multiple deck stain applications.

Snow-Deck's Worst Enemy

Remove Snow asap, Protecting Deck Stain & Finish

Which ever product used, don't forget the deck, although it's far too easy to sit back down coming in from the driveway. Stay warm and Good Luck.

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