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House Colors

House Colors adds variety to home's interior, exterior, paint schemes for walls and ceilings. House colors gives way for, ideas, schemes, paint tips which decorate, accent, highlight, compel, charm, soothe, match, contrast every home, for a more professional decorating look. House paint colors all have a wide variety of

House Colors

paint color choices, the choices are limitless. House of colors, paint decorates for a more to a softer, Earth tone natural setting, with more contrast from walls to ceilings and trim, giving new life into a home. From repainting every room, to adding color accent walls, there is no limit to the number of ways to transform your living space with paint colors. Every so often a new paint color trend is set for the most current painting standard, and keeping up to date will add beauty to one's decor, not to mention adding value and protection at the same time, as an added bonus. Bringing new colors into the home adds to the personal tastes, embracing other color coordinates such as carpet, furniture, draperies,  art, roofing, brick, and cherished collectibles for coordinating your home's paint colors. After reviewing this blog and attached videos, it is my hope this will stimulate your imagination bringing more colors into the living space you enjoy the most. Setting in motion the correct paint colors, tints and hues, will lay the groundwork creating the mood within the home or office, two places you spend most of your time. House colors can inspire all those nearby, giving the sense of accomplishment and success.

House Colors Everywhere

House colors everywhere in your surroundings. Take a look around at each and everything, as they all have color on every surface. Wood tones can vary from reds and browns, to orange and yellows, to light grays.  White surfaces generally have some colorant to them, but up against a deeper contrast, they appear to be pure White. Having a touch of yellow, green, blue or red can bring more warmth and contrast to other colors you bring to your walls and ceilings, while Off-Whites are generally used for trim and doors.

Color Wheel

Color WheelUnderstanding colors, I've included a color wheel to explain. All the hues you can imagine are derived from 3 primary colors, red, yellow, and blue titled with a P. When these primary colors are mixed in equal parts they create 3 more colors, we will refer to as secondary colors being orange, violet, and green. Mix these 3 colors in equal parts, and you have created 3 more being blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-violet, blue-violet. Mix pairs of these 6 colors, and you have created 6 more, and so on to infinity and beyond.  😆  Adding white, black, and gray can drastically tone down intense colors, thereby giving infinite color choices. First order of business would be which predominate colors you wish to highlight within your home or office, being Red, Yellow, or Blue. For real contrast, use colors from opposite sides of the color wheel, three in a triangle, or four colors in a rectangle. Opposite colors always catches one's attention and focus. A touch of violet can spark attention in a room of yellow-orange. Adding a touch of red brick to a room of green can create a dramatic entry, in a dynamic space.

Paint Color Tip

An important paint color tip which should never be overlooked is once you've figured out which paint colors to use, either interior or exterior, it is a very good idea to sample larger swatches of paint on the walls to see if that is what you envisioned, seeing them in all parts of the day and evening, as the Sun plays an important role in the tints and hues of many house colors. Picking out the right paint colors the first time, saving time, labor, and of course money. Normally, most qualified painting contractors will be happy to assist in these sampling procedures.

Interior Paint Color Ideas and Paint Schemes


Interior Room Painting Color Ideas

Interior Paint Color Ideas

Interior paint color ideas and paint color schemes are the first things to think about before considering painting one's interior. If you know you want your interior painted, but have no idea of design or layout being the paint scheme, no worries. A qualified painting contractor in your local area is the best choice. He or she knows current paint trends, and the most popular interior colors soothing to the most decrementing tastes. If your home is 10 years old, and walls, trim and ceilings have never been painted, chances are paint scheme is out of date. Perfect example of this going from a stained and lacquer trim to a more bright painted one. Stained trim was very popular back in the 80's and 90's giving way to a more modern updated look in the 2000's. Well let's see if this one hits home, and if so, can tell on your age.  😆 Interior paint color ideas and paint schemes once included glitter mixed in Popcorn ceiling texture. Remember!? Today, even Popcorn ceiling textures are a thing of the past, without the glitter of yesterday. A more current paint color idea lends itself to a more current standard of matching wall texture to the ceiling for a more uniform and cleaner look. Even with the same drywall texture being the same, instead of walls and ceilings painted the same, a more current paint scheme is walls painted one color, and ceilings painted another. This paint scheme costs a little more, but well worth it if this is your primary residence. If a rental, you may wish to paint both walls and ceiling the same color scheme, for different interior paint color ideas.


Bedroom House Painting Color Ideas

Interior Paint Scheme

Must mention there is no "Cookbook" of right and wrong paint color schemes, however one must keep uniformity and consistency in mind when figuring a new paint scheme in the home. Interior paint scheme is the layout of paint colors which make up a space. Understanding these color wheel possibilities, opens the doors for interior wall painting color ideas, that will add a personal touch to your decor. Paint colors can create a desired atmosphere either in a bedroom, dining, kitchen, or family room. Colors have the ability to solve concerns as in a confined space, or adding warmth to what could be a chilly room otherwise. If you balance the intensity of colors in a room, referred to as paint color scheme. For a soothing space, keep colors gentle, light, and muted. For an active room, filled with energy, more bold, deep based color accents are recommended. Light is a paint colors best friend, which can alter the color's perception after the Sun goes down. This is described further above, in Paint Color Tip. A good rule of thumb is having all trim the same throughout the home, normally in semi-gloss or high gloss paint sheen. Providing this paint sheen allows for regular cleaning with mild household cleaners, not compromising the paint finish. Another good idea for paint schemes in a home is providing the same ceiling color throughout. This trend of ceiling white throughout is currently in the process of changing as we speak. Having a distinct break in one's ceiling or room can allow more pastels to one's ceiling, which is becoming more popular in much larger, expensive homes in our country. Your interior design ideas can easily come together, hiring the right interior painters and paint contractor in your area, for a professional look, saving time, effort and money, applying your interior paint scheme.

Interior Paint ColorsInterior Paint Colors

Interior house paint colors that are on the lighter spectrum, gives the sense of being much larger than it really is. Darker house colors, appearing much smaller. Lighter tint based body exterior house colors tend to give off a larger feeling, as darker deep bodied ones, the home appears to be smaller. House colors and their house painting colors combination, leaves the color chart wide open for possibilities. House colors for a personal taste and decorating choice. Holding all house colors in the same family, warrants all house of colors paint coincide with one another, complimenting, as well as giving different color distinction and contrast for colors in the home. Darker color accent colors tend to highlight something and bring notice, as lighter ones tend to blend in surroundings. Notice darker gray accented to the lighter gray stairway with a navy blue runner for a cozy family setting in a Mid-Atlantic or Western Denver home. These interior paint colors will endure future generations of enjoyment.

Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Exterior Paint Color Ideas and Paint Schemes

Taking a Drive for Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Exterior paint color ideas and painting schemes will bring new life and vigor to one's exterior siding. Exterior paint ideas may include natural landscape surroundings or if in a HOA, exterior paint color combination choices. A good exterior paint color idea is driving around your subdivision, picking out the exterior paint scheme you enjoy the most. You may still need to get this approved by your HOA building committee, most look at paint color schemes rather quickly, always eager to improve the subdivision where you live. Many considerations should be given when choosing exterior paint colors, from your local community to landscaping and roof colors. Many different shades of roofing are available today, and with exterior paint color ideas being infinite, the choices are limitless.

Exterior House Colors, Exterior Paint Colors and Ideas


Paint Color Brochures for Exterior Paint Schemes

Another exterior paint color idea is looking at different paint manufacture's brochures helping your paint scheme. As you open the exterior color brochure, most paint color samples are grouped together with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 colors of the same hues and tints, suggesting all these would look good next to one another. Using any more than 3 exterior colors can be overwhelming, unless of historic nature. Typically a body or field color is used throughout, with second paint color painting trim around windows, doors, gutters and flashing. If a third color is used, this normally accents front doors, shutters, and any gable vents or round inserts at the roof line. A nice touch is accenting any diamonds at the top of gables on the facia, which covers two pieces coming together. All these popular color choices laid out next to one another on most paint color brochures, displaying exterior paint schemes you may like.

Ask a Paint Color Expert

Asking a paint color expert or exterior color coordinator is always a choice when changing current exterior paint colors. If your new to an area, finding a reputable painting contractor who has been painting several years in the area is a good start. Most of the time a painting contractor will provide this service for free or can vary from area to area. Local paint stores who provide exterior paint color brochures can also be of some assistance. These folks tend to agree with anything you like, rarely being committal and divisive. A good question to ask them they can give you a straight answer is; Which is your most popular exterior colors? Nothing against any retail salesmen, but generally they do not wish suggesting anything you may change your mind on later, as once the paint is mixed, it is non-returnable. The main thought here is just asking a paint color expert, the one's in the know, especially painters and painting contractors, who use these products on a regular basis. Seasoned painting contractors of your area are your main source being paint color experts, knowing which ones provide the best coverage, durability, consistency, and uniformity.

Exterior Paint ColorsExterior Paint Colors

Exterior house paint colors vary from one particular neighborhood to many different types of exterior siding material. Most exterior paint color schemes tend to be that of an Earth-tone paint color combination for a rich and inviting properly cared for exterior. Understanding paint colors, and what the outside elements can do to any particular paint is worth noting. The darker the exterior paint color spectrum goes, the quicker the paint coating will last. Intense sun's rays can play havoc on paint, no matter what quality paint is purchased. Most exterior paints last much longer than the warranty noted, but all paint manufactures do not warrant paint fade. Paint fade is the first sign paint is not protecting, starting the deterioration process. Knowing this little known secret, it is best choosing the lightest paint color combination for the longest duration. Adding the least amount of exterior paint color additives before the painting process begins, allows for the best paint coverage and exterior protection. Aha, have you ever painted, never feeling like it was covering? 😕 Most likely the paint you were using contained tons of paint colorants. Very important, paint colorant does not cover, the base does. Deep purples, and the brightest Yellows are the toughest to cover, requiring many many coats before coverage starts to take place, costing much more labor and paint.  Painting your home's exterior will go the extra mile, with fresh, pliable, and elastic paint coatings. Always good to sample paint colors for your exterior which are being favored, making sure they blend with brick, roofing, and vegetation. Knowing painting an exterior is not normally done very often, it is always good choosing these exterior paint colors wisely from the start.

House Colors


Hope you enjoyed this information, and information gained, I look forward to your comments below.

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